The Metcase Technomet family of table-top instrument enclosures now includes a 19-inch version for subracks, chassis, and front panels

By Heather Hamilton, contributing

has expanded its TECHNOMET table-top instrument enclosure line with a 19-inch mini-rack version. The new
cases are designed to mount 19-inch subracks, chassis, and front panels for test
and measurement equipment, networking and communications devices, industrial
computers, studio and sound systems, lab instruments, industrial computers, and
control systems.

enclosures are available in 3U, 4U, and 6U standard case sizes, and all have a
depth of 15.74 inches, with custom depths available on request. Other custom
services include custom front panels, CNC punching, folding, milling, drilling
and tapping, fixings and inserts, painting and finishing, and digital legend and
logo printing.

enclosures combine diecast aluminum front and rear bezels, a folded case body
and chassis, and four cover trims that snap on to provide for a flush fit
without visible fixing screws. The front and rear bezels also include 19-inch panel
mounts with caged nut apertures.

Both rear and base panels come with ventilation
that aids in the cooling process and have two subrack/chassis support rails, as
well as M4 threaded pillars for earth connections. Other features include recessed
ABS side handles for easy portability and molded ABS non-slip feet. Accessories
include 1U to 6U (unvented and vented) 19-inch front panels and M6 caged nuts
and fixing screws. Prices start at $258.