PM8536 family offer up to 174 Gbytes/s switching capacity

PCIe Gen 3 is perhaps the most important communication
standard we have, and one that is critical to the Internet and networking in
general. That’s what makes PCIe switch ICs so important. Important for data
center equipment, defense and industrial servers, workstations, test equipment,
video production and broadcasting equipment, cellular infrastructure, access
networks, metro networks, and core networking.

The Microsemi Switchtec PFX PCIe Gen3 fanout switch ICs are
high-reliability PCIe Base Specification 3.1 8 Gt/s compliant and support from 24
to 96 lanes – with up to 174 Gbytes/s switching capacity. They support
PCIe-compliant link training and manual PHY configuration and have active power
management capability.


The Switchtec family includes
the PM8536, PM8535, PM8534, PM8533, PM8532, and PM8531. The flexible devices
feature 24 virtual switch partitions, 48 non-transparent bridges (NTBs), hot-
and surprise-plug controllers for each port, advanced error containment, and comprehensive
diagnostics and debug capabilities. Up to 48 NTBs are assignable to any port
and the ICs support multicast and 1+1 and N+1 failover mechanisms. They come in
27.0 mm or 37.5 mm square packages and are sampling now. An evaluation kit is