Microwave Components Take Off In Satellite Receivers

California Eastern Laboratories (CEL)
February 7, 2017

The company’s pseudomorphic High Electron Mobility Transistors (pHEMTs) target Ku and Ka band satellite receiver applications and are drop-in replacements for Renesas pHEMTs. Typical applications are LNBs in digital broadcast systems, and downconverters in VSAT systems and 24-GHz sensors. These new low noise pHEMTs are also viable for a variety of other microwave and RF applications. Components include:
• CE3512K2: Low Noise 1st stage Ku Band pHEMT
• CE3514M4: Lowest Cost 2nd/3rd stage Ku Band pHEMT
• CE3520K3: Low Noise 1st stage Ka Band pHEMT
• CE3521M4: Lowest Cost 2nd/3rd stage Ka Band pHEMT

Datasheets are available on the company’s website.

California Eastern Laboratories
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