Military-grade laptop PSU is 90% smaller and lighter, 80% lower cost

A new COTS, rugged, EMI-silent laptop power supply for defence, avionics and mobile applications has been launched by On-Systems, which it says is a fraction of the size, weight and cost of current designs.

The young British company that specialises in power supply design for harsh environments, says ‘Pebble’ is the first in a series of harsh-environment PSUs which combine a new topology, custom-designed FET drivers and fast switching speed to deliver industry-changing benefits.

On-Systems’ new topology combines three stages into one, designed to reduce I²R losses while increasing efficiency.

Working with a power semiconductor company, On-Systems says it has designed “very fast” FET drivers, allowing the Pebble to switch at up to 40 times typical switching frequencies. This high speed is said to reduce the size of the EMC filtering components required, such that the laptop PSU meets all defence EMC performance standards, including MIL-STD 1275A-E, MIL-STD 704A-F, DEF-STAN 59-411 and MIL-STD 461 E-F EMC.

The package measures 115 x 52 x 36mm and weighs 180g. According to On-Systems, Pebble is 96% efficient, operates over universal AC input range and wide DC input range, features short circuit, overload and overvoltage protection, and carries a four-year warranty.

Bethan Grylls