Microsemi SmartFusion intelligent mixed signal FPGAs are now available with open source U-Boot firmware and uClinux operating systems. The availability of Linux operating system for FPGA devices provides a convenient design environment for designing open-source FPGA projects on industrial control system and networking hardware interfaces.

Emcraft Systems, a recent addition to the Microsemi partner program, provides SmartFusion mixed signal FPGA customers a powerful, royalty-free software option with U-Boot and uClinux, opening up a new horizon of possibilities for application designers. In addition, a development starter kit is available from Emcraft Systems which includes a Linux evaluation board, cross-development framework and all source code and documentation needed to evaluate running true Linux on mixed signal FPGA devices.

Microsemi expanded industrial ecosystem for SmartFusion intelligent mixed signal FPGAs. Customers now have a broader choice of operating systems and communication protocols for implementation on SmartFusion mixed signal FPGAs, enabling the acceleration of their designs in industrial automation and networking applications.

Key Features of SmartFusion FPGA and It’s Ecosystem

  • Emcraft delivers the first port of uClinux™ to the SmartFusion FPGA device including a development platform
  • Inicore offers the CAN core for SmartFusion FPGA, supported on the FPGA Development Kit
  • FreeRTOS™ is available as a reference design on both the SmartFusion FPGA Evaluation Kit and the SmartFusion FPGA Development Kit. FreeRTOS includes two options for Ethernet connectivity lwIP and uIP
  • TCP/IP is offered on SmartFusion FPGA devices by two partners, Keil™ and Micrium. Keil TCP/IP is available with or without the RTX real-time kernel. Micrium TCP/IP is used in conjunction with their mC/os-III.
  • Modbus® IP and Modbus 485 available from Microsemi
  • Development hardware, powered by single USB cable
  • Open source U-Boot firmware
  • Full source code provided

Applications of Mixed Signal FPGA in Industrial Automation

  • Energy/Power Metering and Smart Grid Applications
  • Motor Control: PMSM, BLDC, Stepper motor control
  • Human-Machine Interfaces: Touch Screens, Keypads
  • LCD/TFT & other Display modules
  • Field Devices: I/Os, Sensors, Actuators