ABBYY Mobile Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Software Development Kit (SDK) is a powerful software development kit which allows developers of mobile and small footprint applications to integrate highly accurate optical character recognition technologies that convert images and photographs into manageable and searchable text. Mobile Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Software Development Kit (SDK) helps is used to develop Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Software such as scanned documents/images to text converter that can recognize text in scanned images.

Mobile software development companies or manufacturers of such devices as mobile phones, smart phones, communicators or PDA with built-in digital cameras, who strive to improve their functionality and emphasize their uniqueness in the market, can «teach» mobile devices to read by means of recognizing and processing photos in texts. Take full advantage of cameras on mobile devices. Photo menus, signs and posters, business cards, and other documents can be converted into text for easier input into a variety of applications such as: Phone and address books, Calendars, Task lists, All-in-one personal information managers (PIMs), Business card readers, Mobile dictionaries, etc.

Key Features of ABBYY Mobile OCR Engine SDK

  • Automatic image skew correction function.
  • Document orientation detection function.
  • Improved data analysis algorithm.
  • Preserving Character Fonts.
  • Preserving multi-column text.
  • Automatic Spell-chacking support and Hyphenation support.
  • 21 main languages with dictionary support
  • 41 additional languages with Latin, Cyrillic, CJK or Greek characters.
  • Recognition of popular types of 1D and 2D barcodes.
  • Capabilities of Business Card Recognition

ABBYY Mobile Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Software Development Kit (SDK) can be used in applications for various platforms (mobile and PC-based): Android, Linux, Mobile Linux (Moblin), iPhone, Mac OS, Symbian, Windows, and Windows Mobile. Porting to other platforms is also possible.