The hybrid switching amplifier offers a high, 400-kHz max switching frequency

By Warren Miller, contributing writer

, a provider of high-power analog components, recently
announced the launch of the SA110, a high-current, high-voltage half H-bridge that the
company claims is the first module to combine a gate drive with silicon-carbide
(SiC) metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors (MOSFETs) into a
single module. Applications include DC/AC inverters and brushless DC motor
drives in industrial, avionics, and military environments.

The hybrid
switching device operates off of supply voltages of up to 400 V and at
switching frequencies of between 250 kHz (typical) to 400 kHz (maximum) and
provides 28 A of continuous output current. The SA110 also provides digital
gate driver control and is packaged as a compact 12-pin power SIP unit,
allowing for a very small design footprint.

implementing SiC-based technology in hybrid switching amplifiers can lead to
cost increases, Apex believes that improved performance will offset the cost
increase. Reducing switching and conduction losses and a low temperature
dependency of RDS(on) over a wide operating temperature range are some of the
benefits of SiC MOSFETS. A reduction in power loss compared to standard silicon-
and IGBT-based devices is also a plus, and the SA110’s integrated gate drive
results in improved switching behavior compared to competitive devices.

The SA110 is
sampling now for qualified applications. Volume production is scheduled for
late Q1 2019.