MORNSUN SMD DC/DC converter module CF0505XT-1WR3 for automotive

MORNSUN has released its SMD DC/DC converter module CF0505XT-1WR3, designed for automotive applications.

This module CF0505XT-1WR3 meets the AEC-Q100 requirements which is upgraded in design and production technology based on earlier generation module CF0505XT-1WR2. It is also compatible with the CF0505XT-1WR2 package and size.

From design, verification to production processes, CF0505XT-1WR3 module are completely in accordance with IATF16949 system requirements, MORNSUN says.

It is an ideal solution for automotive applications, MORNSUN adds, with efficiency up to 82% and output continuous circuit protection (self-recovery).

In the picture above, 6pcs CF0505XT-1WR3 modules are used to power 4 communication circuits, voltage and insulation detection circuit, current detection circuit, and achieve the insulation of power circuit, communication circuit and detection circuit to reduce the interference and improve the stability and reliability of the system.

Bethan Grylls