Microchip - OS81118 INIC

Microchip’s OS81118 is the latest member of the
MOST150 Intelligent Network Interface Controller (INIC)
family that can be seamlessly incorporated into today’s
MOST150 systems.

With its USB 2.0 high-speed device port, the OS81118
provides all of the capabilities to create a system for
in-car mobile and Wi-Fi® connectivity applications on the
MOST150 network. Furthermore, the OS81118 enables
an easy implementation of the most up-to-date multi-core
SoCs to the MOST® network.

In addition to the optical physical layer (oPHY) interface,
the OS81118 provides a coax physical layer (cPhy). With
its integrated coaxial transceiver, the OS81118 enables
a lower cost MOST network physical layer; therefore the
OS81118 is not only suited for cost-efficient infotainment
solutions but also for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
(ADAS) networking.