06/28/2011:- Analog Devices Inc. (ADI) introduced the ADIS16210 MEMS iSensor digital inclinometer sensor system, which provides precise measurements for both pitch and roll angles over a full orientation range of ±180 degrees. The ADIS16210 integrates ADI’s iMEMS multi-axis accelerometer sensor technology and signal processing expertise, adding addressable user registers for application tuning and programming, available over an SPI-compatible serial interface. The precision core sensors are tuned to allow accurate roll/pitch outputs independent of the orientation of the mounted sensor. Designed for the most demanding applications, the ADIS16210 Digital Inclinometer Sensor is optimized for instruments such as medical scanners that require highly accurate platform stabilization, security and safety monitors, and high-precision platform positioning/steering.

Tri-Axis Digital Inclinometer Sensor System for Pitch/Roll Angle MeasurementFor applications where motion is experienced on every axis and in extreme environments, multi-axis sensing and precision sensor processing is critical. Each ADIS16210 Digital Inclinometer Sensor receives extensive calibration and testing to insure a high degree of alignment across each of the three axes and unprecedented tilt measurement accuracy over the full motion range, independent of mounting orientation. This new digital inclinometer system also offers digital accelerometer and temperature sensor measurements together with configuration controls for in-system calibration, sample rate, filtering, alarms, I/O configuration, and power management.

The ADIS16210 eliminates complex and time consuming user calibration with unit-specific factory calibration, delivering extraordinary 0.1-degree tilt accuracy out of the box. The ADIS16210 is available in a 15mm×24mm×15mm module that provides mounting tabs with M2-sized mounting holes and a flexible, edge-terminated connector interface. It has an extended operating temperature range of −40 C to +125 C.

ADIS16210 Digital Inclinometer System Key Features

  • Triaxial digital inclinometer system
  • Triaxial digital accelerometer
  • Digital internal temperature measurements
  • Digital internal power supply measurements
  • Programmable user calibration options
  • ±0.1 degree accuracy roll and pitch measurement
  • ±0.05 degree axis-to-axis alignment
  • Both inclinometer and accelerometer outputs
  • Digital internal temperature measurements
  • Programmable user calibration options
  • Programmable operation, control, and alarms