Mini LED driver with 12-bit grayscale PWM control can drive 36-channel LEDs concurrently

By Warren Miller, contributing writer

Semiconductor Corp.
recently unveiled a new multi-channel mini LED
driver designed for use in digital signage. The company has over a decade of
experience in developing LED drivers for televisions, but digital signage that’s
installed outdoors needs to function on a much larger scale at which the display size can range up to several hundred
inches. MagnaChip’s mini LED driver can control 36-channel LEDs
concurrently, compared with conventional LED drivers that typically control
12-channel or 16-channel LEDs.

driver further separates itself from its closest competitors in terms of surge
protection by providing a high withstanding
voltage of 65 V to ensure safety and reliability. To combat the heating
issues commonly associated with large-scale digital signs, the mini LED driver
is housed in a 64-pin QFN package.

Other key
features include a 64-step output current control, optimal for clear
representation of digital images that vary in brightness. The LED driver also
implements 12-bit grayscale pulse-width modulation (PWM) to enable both the
4,000-step PWM control and the LED current control.

multi-channel LED driver features high efficiency, high contrast, low-temperature
heat, and highly reliable surge voltage characteristics, bringing the benefit
of both energy and cost reduction to the entire ecosystem of customers in the
long term,” according to YJ Kim, CEO of MagnaChip. “MagnaChip is planning to
extend the product line for the fast-growing segment of digital signage by
developing products with an extension of channels and micro LED drivers with a
high accuracy of LED current based on our new 36-channel LED driver.”