Single, Dual or Quad Frequency Output with Five Output Level Types


NDK America - multi-mode crystal timing oscillators

NDK’s NP5032S and NP7050S oscillators combine small size with low jitter performance. The two oscillators
have similar performance and capabilities, but offer different package size
options for more flexibility. The wide frequency range of 15 MHz to 2.1 GHz and
low jitter makes them suitable for high-speed serial communications
applications such as SONET, SDH, Synchronous Ethernet, and other networking


Housed in an 8-pin ceramic SMD package, the NP5032S
measures only 5.0 mm x 3.2 mm, with a profile height of 1.2mm.  The NP7050S has a
footprint of 7.0 mm x 50 mm with a height of 1.6 mm. 


The proprietary IC design allows users to choose from one, two or up-to
four different frequency outputs from a single device, reducing SKUs while
increasing design flexibility. There are five output types to choose from: CMOS (+
20 ppm total for life, allowing the oscillator to meet the requirements of
the communications standards. The user may also specify the supply voltage from
3.3V to as low as 1.8V. The operating temperature range is -40 to +85°C, for
operation in all industrial applications. 


Because of their small size, wide frequency range, low jitter and
flexible input/outputs, the new NDK oscillators are capable of performing in a
diverse range of applications.  In
production quantities, prices start at $9.90 for the NP5032S and for the
NP7050S.  Delivery: 2-3 weeks for
samples; 8 to 10 weeks for OEM quantities.

For more information, contact: NDK America, 425 N. Martingale Road, Suite 1330, Schaumburg, IL
60173, U.S.A.: TEL: 1-847-852-4165: FAX: 1-847-517-1209:; email 

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