The TR Multicoax series eliminates serpentine trace routing for optimal signal integrity

Gina Roos, editor-in-chief

Amphenol Ardent Concepts offers a new form factor for its TR Multicoax
connector that is designed to solve signal integrity issues caused by serpentine
trace routing in high-speed devices. The TR Multicoax
series connectors
offered in a variety of channel counts and form factors and support speeds of
70 GHz+ with a roadmap to 110 GHz.

The company said that the TR Equal
 series delivers
superior signal integrity from multiple high-speed channels in an arched footprint,
making it well-suited for applications in which equal and short trace lengths
are needed for performance tuning.

In these cases, the TR Equal Trace series can eliminate the need to create serpentine traces, which helps
ensure that the signals reach their destination at the same time in data and
clock routing for peak performance, said the company. In addition, the tight
pitch gets the connector closer to the device to reduce signal loss.

“The arched form factor allows designers
to get extremely short and equal length traces for optimal signal integrity,”
said Amphenol Ardent Concepts. “Users can avoid the traditional layout of
multiple surface-mount connectors and simplify trace matching on a host or
module compliance board with just a TR Equal Trace and a footprint symbol on
the PCB.”

The patent pending form factor of TR
Equal Trace was designed to be used with the Optical Internetworking Forum
(OIF) Type-1 Integrated Coherent Transmitter-Receiver Optical Subassembly
(IC-TROSA). “The Type-1 IC-TROSA project aims to help to reduce optical module
size and to drive an industry consensus across leading optical component
developers,” said Amphenol Ardent Concepts.

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