Murata’s DC-DC converter offers efficient drop in replacement for 78xx linear regulators

The OKI-78SR-E series of three terminal non-isolated DC-DC converters from Murata Power Solutions has been designed for use in harsh environment applications.

The series features three modules with a fixed single output voltage of 3.3V at 1.5A, 5V at 1.5A and 12V at 1A and the converters provide a cost effective, highly efficient alternative to a T0-220/78xx series linear regulator.

The fully encapsulated module is rated to operate from – 40°C to + 85°C and can be used in almost any application where a single output of 3.3, 5 or 12 V is required. The 3.3 and 5V models operate from an input range of 7V to 36V and the 12V model in the range of 15V to 36V.

All models are available in either vertical or horizontal SIP mounting options using a linear regulator compatible pin out. The efficiency of the 12V OKI-78SR-12/1.0-W36E-C device when powered from a 24V source is > 95 % eliminating the need for a heat sink, reducing cost and complexity during the manufacturing process. Additional features include short circuit and over current protection.

The OKI-78SR-E series incorporates advanced assembly techniques and is suitable for applications ranging from high reliability networking and telecommunications, to railway applications and communications, and to control systems, lighting & computing systems. The modules are intended for industrial environments with limited airflow for cooling, limited space, or the desire to improve the overall system efficiency by eliminating the linear regulator.

Standard features include UL safety approvals, as well as state of the art performance for thermal management, dynamic load response, industry standard package and OCP protection features.

Neil Tyler