Arteris, Inc., a leading supplier of network-on-chip based (NoC) interconnect IP solutions, announced that LG Electronics will be using its on-chip interconnect solutions for LG’s digital television (DTV) platforms.

Arteris NoC interconnect IP technology enables System-on-Chip (SoC) designers to achieve lower power, higher memory bandwidth and optimized latencies by individual connections. This improves SoC performance, lowers SoC costs and enables rapid adoption of IPs communicating in a variety of protocols. The growing Arteris ecosystem provides connectivity to a variety of IPs and IP protocols as well as multiple EDA design flows. Use of the Arteris NoC IP simplifies the front-end design process while easing back-end routing congestion and timing closure issues.

The Arteris FlexNoC™ product offers ability to reduce the number of interconnect wires required for SoC design. Reducing the number of wires resolves routing congestion at the back-end place-and-route stage, resulting in shorter development cycle time, less SoC complexity, smaller SoC area and less SoC power.

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