Near-Feild Communication or NFC is relatively new technology (based on RFID) in iPhone, smartphones and other mobile phones and PDA’s. NFC technology allows mobile handsets transfer information wirelessly within the distance range of 10 to 20cm. Wide variety of NFC applications are available and many being developed for Android and iOS smartphone, iphone and other cell phones. NFC applications include apps for contactless payments, e-money transfer, mobile wallet, health checkup, gaming downloads, biometric security applications, etc.

Popular NFC Applications for Android/iOS Smartphones

  • Contactless Credit Card Payments via Mobile Phone
  • Mobile Wallet that replaces the all the Credit Cards
  • RFID Asset Tracking Application for Real-Time Inventory Management for Businesses
  • RFID Asset Tracking Application for Household Appliance Tracking
  • NFC Test for Pregnancy, AIDS & Cancer by using NFC Smart Bandage Strip – The technology works as a test medium with an NFC chip in it that is adhered to a smartphone owner’s body with a “smart” bandage. Then the NFC reader in the smartphone reads the information on the NFC-enabled medium and alerts the user and/or doctor through software on the smartphone.
  • NFC Based Electronic Ticketing Application
  • NFC Mobile Phone Security Applications – where NFC is used to perform service discovery or to ‘unlock’ another service (such as opening another communication link for data transfer).
  • NFC based Smartphone Mobile Travel Cards
  • NFC Keyless Car Door Locking Application
  • NFC Electronic Keys for House, Car, Hotel rooms, etc.
  • NFC Electronic Money Lending/Transfer Application
  • NFC Gaming Applications
  • NFC Restaurent/Bar Menu Order Placement Applications
  • NFC Applications for Accessing Someone’s Web Credentials
  • NFC Applications for Accessing Products Information (Price, Mfg. date, other features) in a Store (such as Wall Mart, Best Buy)