A new chemistry could result in batteries that don’t overheat—opening up new uses, including electric cars. A new kind of Non-Heating Lithium-Ion Battery holds much more energy than previous versions, while still working well at high temperatures. Non-Heating lithium-ion batteries could prove useful for hybrid and electric cars, where high-density batteries usually come with safety risks.

Electric Taxi VehicleLeyden Energy has developed a new Lithium-Ion Battery technology that has incredible thermal properties which allows the battery to operate at temperatures much higher than typical Lithium-Ion batteries. Leyden non-heating lithium-ion battery products use a conductive graphitic foil to increase reliability and also offer outstanding thermal conductivity that is well beyond its aluminum cathode current collector predecessor.

The benefit of Lithium-Ion batteries made by Leyden is the superior energy density that creates longer run times. They give your cell phones and notebooks longer battery life than other batteries. Another benefit is high temperature operation that will allow the battery to work just about anywhere, from the coldest place on earth to the hottest. High temperature charging also increases the charge which allows the battery to charge faster than any other battery.

Leyden Energy delivers production-proven power supplies with high energy density required by Electric Vehicle applications. As a result of their products’ exceptional thermal properties, the batteries operate at higher temperatures than typical Lithium-Ion batteries. This makes Leyden’s automotive batteries extremely durable and reliable – a necessity in Electric Vehicle power. Proprietary Lithium Imide technology delivers high power and energy density enabling Leyden’s automotive batteries to deliver twice the drive time compared to Iron-Phosphate batteries. Leyden’s cell and system level power supplies are highly abuse-tolerant and exceed the performance of competitive automotive batteries in the transportation market.

Leyden’s transportation batteries can also be used in lower power automotive applications such as motorcycles, scooters and Neighborhood Electric Vehicles. The combination of power, cycle life and safety makes Leyden Energy power products suitable for a variety of Electric Vehicle applications. These High Energy Density Non-Heating Lithium-Ion Batteries are also available for:

  • Notebook computers/Tablet PC
  • Smart phones
  • Grid storage and backup systems
  • Emerging medical applications
  • Electric vehicles/PHEV