NKK Switches, the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of innovative electromechanical switches, supplying OLED SmartSwitch video pushbutton switches. NKK recently announced that it has doubled the display life of its OLED SmartSwitch pushbutton switches. In addition, NKK has reduced the devices’ already low power consumption by 30 percent.

An OLED Video Pushbutton is a pushbutton switch with a built-in color OLED display with capability to run video or image sequences. It has a push-button form factor for use in control panels and keyboards. Ideal for control rooms with real-time data, operator training equipment, broadcast panels, kiosks, etc. OLED display life is 60K hours at 50 cd/m² with 40% pixels on (typical for many applications).

OLED Video Display Pushbutton Switch

NKK SmartSwitch pushbutton devices feature a traditional SPST pushbutton with a built-in OLED display all in one device. With a footprint the size of a coin, SmartSwitch products are the smallest off-the-shelf OLED and LCD switches and displays available in the industry today.

OLED technology offers many advantages over conventional LCD programmable switches, including full motion video capability, higher resolution, faster response time, 180 degree viewing angles, a color palette of 65,536 colors resulting in more brilliant pictures.

The SmartSwitch OLED pushbuttons and displays are emissive devices operated by commands and data supplied via the SPI communications protocol. The switch is capable of 64RGB x 48 pixel resolution.

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