For miniaturised indication and display applications at EDS

Blue, Green, Red LEDs among best performance/size ratio on market


October 2016…A new series of extremely compact LED emitters measuring just a fraction of a millimetre across is being launched at the Electronic Design Show next week by OMC, the pioneer in optoelectronics.  OMC’s new Micro Series has been developed for use in indication and display applications on miniaturised or highly compact products which would normally be too small for conventional LEDs, in particular consumer electronics and digital products.


OMC-launches-new-Micro,-UV,-IR,-and-coloured-LEDsThe smallest emitter in the Micro Series measures just 650 x 350 x 200 microns.  Despite their tiny footprint, the new Micro Series emitters have a very high output, comparable to traditional-sized ultrabright LEDs. The Micro Series includes blue, green and red emitters and the devices are in production now.


“As the trend towards ever-further miniaturisation of electronics continues, it is key that manufacturers of all types of component, including optoelectronics, bear this in mind in their developments,” comments William Heath, OMC’s Commercial Director. “These extremely small LED emitters allow LED illumination to be applied in applications with challenging space constraints, without compromising on performance.”