Components support demands of feature packed, always connected high data use portable devices

ON Semiconductor is showcasing
its portfolio of solutions for the effective implementation of USB
Type-C applications
at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las
Vegas. USB Type-C is the rapidly emerging default industry-standard for wired
smart and rapid charging and high-speed data transmission to support
applications such as high definition video and augmented and virtual reality.
The default USB 3.1 protocol is capable of achieving data rates of up to 10
Gbps, theoretically twice as fast as USB 3.0 – crucial to ensuring the
viability of today’s always connected, feature packed, high use portable





“At CES, we will demonstrate an
integrated solution for wireless  and smart charging through USB power
delivery that includes intelligent charge controllers, port control ICs, data
multiplexers, integrated re-drivers, high voltage protection switches, and
electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection components,” said Matt Tyler, Director
of Strategy and Roadmaps for the Digital and DC-DC Division at ON
Semiconductor.  “This solution ensures high-speed data transfer and
optimum signal integrity between the USB-Type C port and the application
processor on products such as smart phones and tablets and highlights our
ability to provide the majority of components, in a highly integrated solution.


The company’s portfolio of USB
Super Speed solutions includes a full data multiplexer the FUSB340TMX as well
as small footprint USB
single and dual-channel re­-drivers
, NB7VPQ701M and NB7VPQ702M supporting both USB 3.1 Gen 1 (5 Gbps) and USB 3.1 Gen 2
(10 Gbps) applications. They offer superior
random jitter performance and can extend signal distances up to 36 inch
of FR4 or 5 m of cable @ 5 Gbps. Increased system
performance can be achieved by utilizing ON Semiconductor’s re-drivers with
integrated ESD to reduce count of physical board components and their
associated losses. Parts are also available that integrate a
common-mode-filter for EMI sensitive applications such as mobile phones where
it is important to suppress system noise.


The FUSB301ATMX is quickly
becoming the industry standard for USB Type-C port control.  It is a fully
autonomous solution that has been optimized for a wide range of
applications.  The FUSB301A is I2C addressable for multi-port applications
and supports DFP, UFP, and DRP implementations.  It is packaged in an
ultra-thin TMLP with power consumption 10x lower than competitors in some


Intelligent charge controllers
include devices such as the company’s LC709501F
highly-integrated single-chip power bank solution
for next generation
Li-Ion powered products. The device is able to determine what type of device is
connected and automatically selects the fastest available method for charging.
The solution offers a broad power and voltage / current output range with a
maximum charge / discharge capability of up to 30W through simple FET


A USB Type-C super speed wireless
audio demonstration will showcase ON Semiconductor’s capabilities in this area
at CES. The demo will show the super speed data transfer of a movie to a phone
from a PC with wireless audio playback to a pair of battery powered speakers
featuring ON Semiconductor’s PowerBank controller and the highest power density
D power amplifier
currently available on the market. A mobile application
processor will manage Bluetooth communications, time alignment between the two
audio streams and the audio tuning functions.


Visit our USB
page to for more information. For more details regarding ON
Semiconductor’s booth, please visit CES