What is WebEx?

Cisco WebEx is an online meetings and conference application. WebEx combines real-time desktop sharing with phone conferencing, so everyone sees the same thing as you talk. Some people call this web conferencing because of the web + phone sharing. Others call it online meeting because they take care of business online like they do in in-person meetings. No matter what you call it, WebEx is a great way to work with people in other locations.

How Does WebEx work?

WebEx is software delivered as a service (SaaS), so you simply subscribe to the service—and you can use it from any computer with an Internet connection, and even from most smartphones. You invite others to participate over email, IM, or text. They do not have to subscribe to WebEx. They simply click a link in your invitation to join you online, where they’ll get visual prompts to join the phone conference. Once you’ve started your session, simply choose “share” from the menu to share documents, presentations, and applications. Or open a blank document and start creating together.

Can someone else (other attendee) present the WebEx session?

Yes. You can pass control to anyone else in the session by simply clicking their name in the attendee list and choosing “Make presenter.” They can then show anything on their screen.

Can a meeting attendee pass control of their desktop to me during the WebEx session?

Yes. WebEx offers three ways to pass control during a meeting:

  1. You may pass the presenter ball to an attendee. The new presenter will share their own computer screen, application, or document.
  2. You can let an attendee control your computer screen, application, or document.
  3. You can control another attendee’s computer screen, application, or document.

How does the phone conferencing work during the WebEx session?

WebEx integrated phone conferencing makes it easy. A single meeting invitation covers both the web and phone portions of your meeting. Plus, you have audio meeting controls within the web meeting, so you can see who’s speaking and mute any attendee.

Can I record my WebEx session?

Yes! Record any of your WebEx sessions for reference, review, or reuse. A link to your recording will be made available to you on your WebEx site for your own access. You can send the link out to others if you’d like to share.

Can I use WebEx from my mobile phone?

Yes! You can attend a scheduled meeting with integrated phone and web conferencing on 3G or WIFI from your iPhone. View presentations, see who’s participating, and much more.

Source: www.webex.com