Micron Optics Inc., the leading provider of innovative equipment for fiber optic sensing and laser imaging, offers the os5100 Optical Displacement Gauge. This fiber optic displacement gauge addresses needs for long term monitoring of relative displacement up to 50 millimeters between two anchor points. Like all Micron Optics optical sensors, the os5100 displacement gauge is immune to electromagnetic noise environments and offers reliable performance even under harsh environmental conditions. Not only can the optical displacement gauge outperform traditional vibrating wire gauges in these extreme environments, the all-optical design also ensures long life. The rugged design and flexible mounting fixture allows for versatile installation of the gauge in a variety of applications such as continuous monitoring of construction joints in buildings, fissure growth in concrete or other structural members, as well as long-term measurement across key expansion joints in bridges, buildings, and tunnels.

Optical Displacement Sensor for Concrete Structural Health MonitoringThe os5100 displacement gauge is based on Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) Sensor technology, a well proven and widely adopted technology originally used to measure strain and temperature. Unlike other fiber optic displacement gauges, the unique engineering design utilizes the intrinsic characteristics of FBG sensor technology to make precise displacement measurements in real-time without the need for additional temperature compensation. The os5100 displacement gauge can be used as a single sensing point or added in series with other FBG based sensors on the same optical fiber. The combination of displacement, strain, temperature, and acceleration measurements on a single fiber is another unmatched advantage of FBG sensing technology.

One of the many applications that utilize FBG measurement capabilities is structural health monitoring. For example, an optical sensing system on a bridge may include different types of sensors to monitor everything from cable strain during windy days to joint displacement throughout extreme temperatures or loading conditions. Real-time monitoring performed by optical sensing systems has emerged as a proven, reliable, and potentially life-saving technology. With the addition of Micron Optics’ os5100 displacement gauge, a system can provide even more essential information to accurately monitor structural health.