Zytronic offers optical filters that are used to enhance the readability of all types of electronic displays by controlling light transmission, reflection and absorption. The filters can also provide protection of the display from abrasion and damage from impact thereby extending the life of the display. Both monolithic and multi-layer composites in glass or polycarbonate or acrylic are available. The optical laminations are manufactured by bonding together, under carefully controlled conditions, two or more glass or plastic materials using proprietary bonding techniques.

Optical Filters for Anti-Glare Screen DisplaysZytronic produce a wide range of optical filters which are designed to meet specific customer requirements for viewability of display systems in different environmental conditions. Zytronic Optical filters comprise the following options and features:

  • Anti-reflection coatings to maximise transmission
  • Anti-glare finishes
  • Tinted or neutral density substrates/interlayers to improve contrast
  • Transparent conductive coatings for static dissipation or electromagnetic shielding
  • Micro-fine mesh for electromagnetic shielding
  • Circular polarizers to enhance contrast
  • Transparent conductive coatings or wire heating filters for de-misting or de-icing
  • Infrared coatings to eliminate solar gain
  • Louvered filters for privacy viewing
  • Screen printing
  • Thermally tempered or chemically strengthened glass for enhanced impact resistance