Tektronix introduced P6700 Series Optical-to-Electrical (O/E) signal converters to change optical signals into electrical signals for convenient analysis on any Tektronix oscilloscope equipped with a TekProbe interface, or when used with the 1103 TekProbe power supply. The P6700 Series Optical-to-Electrical signal converters are ideal for optical source characterization in the development, manufacture, or service of Fiber Optical Communication systems and devices. It is mainly used for Eye Pattern Testing of Optical Communication Signals (SONET/SDH and Fibre Channel)

Optical-to-Electrical Signal Converters for Optical Analysis on OscilloscopeSmall, conveniently packaged P6701B and P6703B optical-to-electrical analog converters provide an accurate interface for optical pulse shape measurements. The high gain, large dynamic range, and stable output offset of these O/E converters make them ideal for performing eye pattern analysis and extinction measurements.

The P6701B/P6703B optical input is a 1 meter, 62.5μ Multi Mode fiber with an FC/PC connector. Using the standard assortment of hybrid fiber-optic mating sleeves, these O/Es can accommodate the various industry connector standards.

The TekProbe interface provides power, auto-scaling, auto-termination, and correct units (microwatts) when used with Tektronix DPO7000 or DPO/DSA/MSO70000 and earlier TekProbe-equipped Series oscilloscopes. The standard P6701B has a nominal frequency response which follows the fourth-order Bessel-Thompson for Fibre Channel 1063 Mb/s. The 1103 TekProbe power supply can be used to connect these products to the DSA8200 Series sampling oscilloscopes.