Oscilloscope range extended

Teledyne LeCroy has launched the HDO4000A, HDO6000A, HDO8000A, and MDA800A analogue and mixed-signal oscilloscopes, with bandwidths ranging from 200MHz to 1GHz.

According to the company, HDO-A oscilloscopes ensure the optimal display of acquired waveforms to the instruments’ full rated bandwidth. Additionally, its MAUI user interface technology is said to make measurement setup easy and bring faster time to insight.

With memories of up to 250Mpt/channel and 12bit vertical resolution, the scopes offer serial trigger, decode, measure/graph and eye diagram options.

Teledyne LeCroy’s HD4096 high definition technology allows the oscilloscopes to capture and display signals of up to 1GHz at 16 times more resolution than other oscilloscopes.

MAUI with OneTouch improves convenience and efficiency by enabling all common operations to be undertaken using one touch. The user interface has drag-and-drop functions to copy and set up channels, math functions, and measurement parameters. Common gestures – such as drag, drop and pinch – are recognised. Meanwhile, the ‘Add New’ button enables a new channel, math or measurement, while traces and parameters can be turned off with a flick of a finger.

Graham Pitcher

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