Otii demonstrates 5x battery life improvement in second-gen Massive IoT e-health wearable prototype

Qoitech’s Otii solution has been part of a cooperation with Ericsson, Sony Mobile and Altair Semiconductor to deliver over five times longer battery lifetime in a second generation connected wearable prototype for e-health such as diabetes monitoring.

The concept is a result of a collaboration of mobile technology providers exploring the Massive IoT ecosystem, looking into simplifying the ecosystem communication and extending the battery life of the devices for better user experience and reliability.

The improved power efficiency relative to the first-generation prototype, is due to two main factors, Qoitech says. Firstly, the integration of Altair’s ALT1250 dual-mode Cat-M1/NB-IoT ultra-small, ultra-low power chipset into the small form factor wearable device from Sony Mobile. Secondly, the use of LwM2M protocol further reduces average power consumption. LwM2M is a device management protocol designed for managing lightweight and low power devices. LwM2M builds on an efficient secure application layer standard called the Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP). The demo shows that CoAP is superior to MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) by allowing at least 20 per cent better power performance (depending on the communicated amount of data) and thus increasing battery life in low-power devices.

The demonstration concept uses Sony Mobile’s cloud-based service and is integrated with Ericsson’s IoT accelerator using LwM2M to simplify client-server communication and management for devices and sensor data, resulting in streamlined service enablement and application management that allows for zero-touch massive roll-out of IoT-devices and sensors.

Diabetes monitoring is just one of many applications that can be showcased with the Sony Mobile cloud based services and the wearable prototype used in this demonstration, Qoitech explains. In combination with Altair’s dual-mode Cat-M1/NB-IoT ALT1250 chipset, which is certified by leading Tier-1 MNOs around the world, it enables diverse use cases as expected of Massive IoT. For each of these use cases, the Otii solution can be used to secure long battery life for the end user.

Bethan Grylls