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ROLLING MEADOWS, IL – Panasonic Corporation is pleased to announce that it is introducing a
new line of Lead Acid batteries to replace the current LC-R products. These
products will be introduced over the next six months, and will phase out the current
lineup by the end of 2017. The new batteries are suitable for applications
requiring increased cycle life. These products act as main and backup power for
a variety of markets and applications, such as emergency lighting, medical equipment, wind turbines, and wheelchairs,
among others.   

Panasonic’s tough, rechargeable Valve
Regulated Lead Acid batteries are designed to provide outstanding performance in
withstanding over-charge, over-discharge, and resisting vibration and shock.  The use of special sealing epoxies, tongue and
groove case and cover construction, and long-sealing paths for posts and
connectors, assures that the Valve Regulated Lead Acid batteries will offer
exceptional leak resistance, and allows them to be used in virtually any

New product features for these new batteries include: 

*Increased cycle life (300 to 600 cycles) 

*Trickle/backup life (Capacity remains the same)

Below are the product changes:


New Part No. Current Part No. Voltage Capacity Introduction
LC-RN1212P LC-RA1212P 12 Volts 12 AH October 2016
LC-RN1212P1 LC-RA1212P1 12 Volts 12 AH October 2016
LC-RN127R2P LC-R127R2P 12 Volts 7.2 AH October 2016
LC-RN127R2P1 LC-R127R2P1 12 Volts 7.2 AH October 2016
LC-RN064R5P LC-R064R5P 6 Volts 4.5 AH February 2017
LC-RN123R4 LC-R123R4P 12 Volts 3.4 AH February 2017
LC-RN063R4 LC-R063R4P 6 Volts 3.4 AH February 2017
LC-RN122R2 LC-R122R2P 12 Volts 2.2 AH April 2017
LC-RN121R3 LC-R121R3P 12 Volts 1.3 AH April 2017
LC-RN061R3 LC-R061R3P 6 Volts 1.3 AH April 2017



Datasheets for each battery will be posted on the Panasonic website as
they become available. New and current part numbers shouldn’t be used together
in applications.

For more information on Panasonic’s battery product line, our VRLA
Battery disposal guidelines, or a list of our authorized battery distribution
partners, send an inquiry to
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