Paper Battery company was formed to manufacture and sell printed, scalable, flexible, structural sheets of electrostatic energy storage material, or “paper batteries” that will make energy storage ubiquitous by integrating it into existing structures. Paper Battery company is commercializing the first paper battery products as power planes embedded within selected portable electronic applications such as laptops and cell phones. These are Green Batteries. The Paper Battery Company is developing flexible supercapacitors and batteries from a common paper based scalable manufacturing platform.

Paper BatteryPaper Battery company invented PowerWrapper™ technology platform to design “strength with energy” with all components contributing to both mechanical properties and energy storage. This multi-functional material reduces system weight and distributes part of the energy storage into structures as a power plane that can be addressed locally for high power functions. The first generation sheet device incorporates supercapacitor technology in a massively parallel array of cells for long cycle life. Packing efficiencies give 2X higher energy capacity compared to existing rigid devices at high voltages. This fault tolerant sheet is print-formed, has tunable mechanical properties and can be cut to fit, with custom shapes including patterned holes in a multi-layered device. Roll to roll printing gives high volume, low cost production.

Paper Battery company’s innovation is the architecture of a structural sheet that becomes a power plane. The architecture is a massively parallel array of independent cells and has stress management and fault-tolerance built into its design. The technology is agnostic to either supercapacitor, lithium battery or hybrid storage technology. By combining weight bearing and energy storage in one structural sheet, a systemic approach to energy management is possible, with power accessible at the point of use throughout the accessible surface area of the device.