ParaSail (Parallel Specification and Implementation Language) is a new programming language designed for efficient programming of latest multicore computer processors. If it finds favor among coders, it could provide more powerful software for many computers. Writing code for the latest multicore chips is notoriously tricky, but the new Parallel Programming Language could make it simpler, and make computers more efficient in the process.

Intel Multicore ProcessorsThe ParaSail Parallel Processors Programming Language can result in more productive programmers building higher quality software. In the particular area of high-integrity software, including both safety- critical software and high-security software, there is all the more reason to use the very best programming language you can, because the problems you are trying to solve and the level of quality required is at the very limits of what can be accomplished.

ParaSail Parallel Processors Programming Language is developed by SofCheck Software Analysis and Verification company. ParaSail is meant to address the goals of producing inherently safe and secure software, while taking advantage of the wider availability of true parallel processing in the form of multi-core chips.

ParaSail is a completely new language, but it steals liberally from other programming languages, including the ML family, the Algol/Pascal/Ada family, the C/C++/Java family, and the region-based languages (especially Cyclone). Perhaps one significant deviation from the excellent baseline established by ML, Eiffel, Java, Scala, etc. is that ParaSail is intended to avoid “fine-granule” garbage collection in favor of stack and region-based storage management. The other major deviation from the above-named language families is that ParaSail is inherently parallel. The programmer has to work harder to force sequential evaluation. By default, evaluation proceeds in parallel for almost all constructs.