Passive probe brings 1mV/div accuracy

A passive 1:1 probe from Rohde & Schwarz is said to broaden the application range of the company’s RTO and RTE series of oscilloscopes. Using the probe, engineers can measure to an accuracy of 1mV/div in applications such as power integrity.

The RT-ZP1X passive probe is matched to the R&S RTE (up to 2GHz) and the R&S RTO1000/2000 (up to 4GHz) oscilloscopes. The oscilloscopes’ low-noise front ends ensure the noise floor is less than 650µVpp (1mV/div and 200MHz bandwidth) with a 1MΩ input impedance. Other oscilloscopes, the company contends, can only achieve such values when using a 50Ω input impedance.

The probe is also suitable for use with the RTM HMO oscilloscope families.

Graham Pitcher

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