Hospitals are now using Patient Secure Identification Hospital Biometric Infrared Scanning System that use patient’s palm vein scanning image that can be converted into a unique patient ID. Patient Secure hospital biometric system helps a lot to mitigate the risk of Medical Identity Theft. HT Systems PatientSecure™ Biometric Patient Identification Management System, links the biometric palm vein pattern of the patient to their medical record in any HIS registration, EMPI or EMR system.

Medical Identity Theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the U.S. and its consequence can be detrimental to both its victims and healthcare providers. Medical Identity Theft involves using a stolen identity to get drugs, expensive medical treatment and even fraudulent insurance payouts. Medical identity theft is of great concern because its consequences can be devastating for its victims. Primarily, the victim’s medical record is co-mingled with the imposer’s health information, which may lead to inappropriate and potentially life-threating decisions by medical staff. To make matters worse, medical identity theft is largely a hidden crime. Unfortunately, people only find out through billing collection agencies looking for payment or when insurance companies send Explanation of Benefits (EOB), that include fraudulent claims.

Palm Vein Authentication - Biometric Security & Access ControlPatientSecure hospital biometric system provides highly accurate patient identification and works by scanning the vein pattern of a patient’s palm. Vein pattern in a palm is unique to each person and does not change over the course of one’s lifetime. The scan uses harmless near-infrared light, which is essentially the same as the light of a TV remote control. The advanced algorithm processes your vein pattern to create an encrypted and protected digital file which is linked to your unique medical record. Enrolling to the PatientSecure is fast and simple. With a proper proof of identity, a patient is enrolled with two scans that typically take less than a few seconds. Once enrolled, the patient’s record can be accessed instantly at their future visits.

PatientSecure hospital biometric system utilizes cutting-edge Palm Vein Pattern Recognition Biometrics. The technology works by capturing vein pattern in a patient’s palm with a near-infrared light wave scanner. This scan produces a unique biometric template that is a digital representation of the vein pattern. An individual’s scanned palm vein data (biometric template) is encrypted for a protection and registered along with the other details in his/her profile as a reference for future comparison.