Saelig MSO-28 USB-powered 60MHz mixed-signal oscilloscope PC adapter is a lightweight and economical scope adapter that combines a two-channel oscilloscope with a synchronous 8-channel logic analyzer, sampling at 200MSa/s (5ns), all in one compact, extremely portable USB instrument. Simultaneously-clocked analog waveforms and digital data can now be displayed in phase on the same screen with the efficient and easy-to-use FrontPanel software.

PC-based Oscilloscope and Logic AnalyzerThe MSO-28’s advanced triggering options include: oscilloscope (analog) trigger: rising/falling edge and pulse width; logic analyzer trigger: 8 bit trigger word; SPI trigger and I2C trigger (32-bit trigger word) or any of the logic lines. The 200MSa/s sample rate and 60MHz bandwidth allows capturing a 60MHz signal in single shot mode, or even faster repetitive signals, with an effective repetitive sampling rate of 1GSa/s. The FFT Spectrum Analyzer shows frequency spectrum information up to 100MHz for analog input signals, and has controls for FFT window, FFT type, and FFT resolution.

The Oscilloscope and Logic Analyzer FrontPanel software also supports averaging, memory and plot subtraction. This allows for a whole range of spectral analysis, including frequency response and power supply noise analysis. Averaging 100 captured signals clearly reveals fundamental and harmonic frequencies, with random noise greatly suppressed. Standard automatic waveform measurements (frequency, period, cycles, max/min, pk-pk, rise/fall time, etc.) can be displayed next to traces, and FFT data can be saved to disk or exported to Excel, MathCAD, etc.

SPI and I2C serial bus protocols can be displayed and decoded, or used as 32-bit wide trigger sources. SPI and I2C signals can be viewed as timing waveforms or a state list display.

The FrontPanel software provides simple controls and Auto Set-up, which makes operation intuitive, yet allows sophisticated operations not possible with a bench DSO. Default setups can be saved to disk for easy recall at a future date. Screen shots can be pasted into documents and annotated as needed for reports and presentations. With the MSO-28, multiple signals can be seen as large as an LCD or projection screen or on dual monitor PCs.

Since the MSO-28’s high speed samplers and buffers perform all the high speed data acquisition, the actual PC speed is not a performance limiter. The MSO-28 acquires and stores data at up to 1GSa/s, transferring data from the high speed buffers when full to the PC.