Digital Storage Oscilloscope (DSO) stores the sampled signals into memory, which makes it easier to examine them and their relationships, later at anytime when required. Noways Digital Storage Oscilloscopes, Logic Analyzer, Spectrum Analyzer and other electronic test & measurement tools are being made as PC-based test equipment. This trend is continuously increasing because of their low cost and flexibility to upgrade.

PC-Oscilloscope-Logic-Analyzer-Spectrum-AnalyzerComparatively the cost of PC based test equipment is always much lower than traditional branded oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, spectrum analyzers, etc. They need not require a dedicated computing system hardware for processing and storing the captured signal data, and they utilize the PC resources for that purpose. They use PC to be connected with the data acquisition equipment. They only require some data acquisition system for testing interface, and some featured software which can be normally designed at lower NRE cost.

Advantages of PC Based Oscilloscopes and Logic Analyzers:

  • Easy t-To-Design simple hardware for data acquisition and NO hardware required for computing
  • Much cheaper than traditional Oscilloscopes and Logic Analyzers
  • Ability to repair and upgrade the software at any time
  • Easy to expand the number of channels, and possible to monitor multiple signals
  • Easy to store and share the captured data using your computer
  • Portable and modular test equipment
  • They use interfaces like USB or Ethernet

Limitations of PC Based Oscilloscopes and Logic Analyzers:

  • Software Capability of Oscilloscope or Logic Analyzer is limited by the interface and computer resources
  • Physical limitations of a PC oscilloscope are defined primarily by the external hardware which is used to sample analog or digital signals
  • The number of the channels, bandwidth, sample rate and its memory size is the main element that defines the capabilities of PC Based Oscilloscopes and Logic Analyzers