By Majeed Ahmad, Contributing Editor

Phoenix Contact has unveiled low-profile PCB terminal blocks
in three user-friendly spring-lever options: IL series, EL series, and LL
series. The
terminal blocks are 8 to 11 mm high and boast spring-wire termination. That
allows users to insert solid or ferruled wires into any of the connectors
without opening the spring connection.

The new SPTAF 1 connectors from Phoenix Contact feature a
low-profile body and are available in 3.5- or 5.0-mm pitch, with two to 16
positions per connector. The SPTAF 1 connectors are rated to 8 A and 300-V UL.
Moreover, they are compatible with 16 to 24 AWG wires.





The IL series of terminal blocks — targeted at the applications
with the tightest fit — features an internal lever that keeps overall connector
height to just 8 mm. So for stranded wire, a screwdriver can quickly and easily
open the connection.

The EL series of PCB terminal blocks, which is 10 mm high,
doesn’t require any tools; the user can push an external lever with a finger.

Finally, the LL series locks the connector into an open position, which allows the
installer to use both hands for wiring. These PCB terminal blocks are less than
11 mm high and don’t require any tools, either.