The PCI-SIG released the PCI Express® Base 3.0 specification. This document culminates a multi-year development effort by members of the PCI-SIG. This specification describes the PCI Express architecture, interconnect attributes, fabric management, and the programming interface required to design and build systems and peripherals that are compliant with the PCI Express Specification.

PCI Express
The goal is to enable such devices from different vendors to inter-operate in an open architecture. The specification is intended as an enhancement to the PCI™ architecture spanning multiple market segments; Clients (Desktops and Mobile), Servers (Standard and Enterprise), and Embedded and Communication devices. The specification allows system OEMs and peripheral developers adequate room for product versatility and market differentiation without the burden of carrying obsolete interfaces or losing compatibility.

PCI Express Base 3.0 Specification Download

  • PCI Express Base 3.0 Specification (6.15MB PDF) – This version includes a change bar version from the PCI Express Base 2.1 Specification. Download link:
  • PCI Express Base 3.0 Specification (4.95MB PDF) – This version does not include the change bar. Download link: