new low-profile PCI Express Gen 4 edge card connector is designed to meet the
industry demands for greater density and higher performance in compact form
factors. The edge card connector — compliant with the PCI Express Gen 4
specification — supports one, four, eight, and 16 links for multiple bandwidth

PCIE-LP Series connectors feature an incredibly low profile of 8 mm, which is 3
mm less than the standard 11-mm profile connector with an identical 3.50-mm
contact wipe. That creates more vertical space in a standard chassis and thus
facilitates greater system air flow and space to route other components over
the connector.


it makes the connector with 8-mm profile highly suitable for networking
applications in which space is limited or dimensions are not pre-determined. “The
connector meshes high-speed signals with a smaller-than-industry-standard form
factor and enables customers to have more flexibility when designing their
systems,” said Terry Emerson, micro rugged project manager at Samtec.

edge card connector achieves the 16-GT/s bit rate while complying with the PCI
Express Gen 4 standard. And the PCIe protocol support ensures low latency,
power savings, and guaranteed transmission for the connector.

also features Edge Rate contacts on a 1.00-mm or 0.0394-in. pitch for optimized
signal integrity performance. Samtec has incorporated the Edge Rate contact
system to increase cycle life and minimize the effects of broadside coupling.

That, in turn, decreases crosstalk for superior
signal integrity performance and impedance control. Moreover, the rugged Edge
Rate contacts are less prone to damage when zippered during unmating.