PCIM 2018 – advanced technologies from Panasonic

Panasonic will be showcasing its advanced electro-materials at PCIM, which it says contribute to improving the reliability and reducing the size of power electronics and automotive parts.

According to Panasonic, encapsulation materials for SiC or GaN power devices exhibit “excellent” heat resistance and can suppress cracks and delamination of resin-encapsulated parts thanks to a high glass transition temperature and high thermal stability. Reinforcement materials used to improve mounting reliability, especially in automotive applications.

Drive-By-Microwave (DBM) isolated gate drivers and GaN bi-directional switches will also feature at Panasonic’s PCIM stand.

Using microwave wireless power transmission technology, the DBM gate driver supplies not only isolated signals but also isolated power to a power device. This eliminates the need for an external isolated power supply, and significantly simplifies and downsizes gate drive circuits for power devices such as SiCs and IGBTs.

Panasonic proposes a new bi-directional (4-quadrant) GaN switch in a single chip that supports bi-directional current conduction, as well as bi-directional high voltage isolation. This is designed to reduce conduction losses and the number of switching elements to realise a bi-directional switch. It will also contribute to size reduction and to higher conversion efficiency of power converter circuits, Panasonic adds.

Bethan Grylls