PCIM 2018 – Panasonic’s 600V GaN transistors X-GaN and SiC MOSFET solutions

At PCIM, Panasonic will be showcasing some of its latest technology. This includes its line-up of 600V GaN transistors X-GaN, designed to increase power density and improve the efficiency of power conversion systems.

According to Panasonic, the X-GaN devices overcome key technical challenges typically faced by GaN power devices: X-GaNs are normally-off, current collapse free, use an ohmic gate contact preventing gate breakdown, all factors improving the reliability and robustness in application.

Panasonic will showcase industrial subsystems that it says can take full advantage of X-GaN’s “high performance” such as a X-GaN compact inverter and a DCDC converter, as well as a range of application demonstrators and evaluation kits.

Also on show is Panasonic’s range of SiC MOSFET solutions.

Panasonic’s Diode-integrated SiC MOSFET (DioMOS) structure is said to enable SiC modules to be reduced in size, by integrating a high performance unipolar reverse diode in the channel of the MOFSET. SiC power devices can realise low-loss operation that Panasonic says surpasses silicon power devices and play a key role in saving energy in high current, high voltage applications.

The company intends to highlight prototypes of power modules with built-in SiC-DioMOS.

Bethan Grylls