A look at products that produced buzz at this year’s power electronics conference

By Jean-Jacques DeLisle,
contributing writer


the Power Conversion and Intelligent Motion (PCIM) 2018 conference, products
and technologies from the leading power electronic, energy management,
renewable energy, and intelligent motion companies were demoed, displayed, and
discussed. The following is a brief roundup of some products that produced the
most buzz at this year’s conference.


Combining performance and
robustness: Automotive CoolSiC Schottky diodes

Infineon Technologies AG introduced the CoolSiC
Schottky diode
, which is designed to meet the high demands of the
automotive industry in reliability, quality, and performance. This device is
ready to use in on-board charger (OBC) applications in today’s hybrid and
electric vehicles and for vehicles of the future. Based on Infineon’s 5th
generation Schottky diode, this new line has a new passivation layer concept
that protects from humidity and corrosion, making it the most robust automotive
device available on the market. The 110-µm thin wafer technology boasts one of
the best figures of merit (Qc x Vf) in its category, proving lower power losses
and a better electrical performance. 



to the traditional silicon rapid diode, the CoolSiC automotive Schottky diode
improves the efficiency of an OBC by a percentage point over all load
conditions, yielding a potential reduction of 200 kg of CO2 emissions over the
typical lifetime of an electric car. Available in September 2018 in the 650V
class, this product is housed in a standard 3-pin TO247 package and can easily
be implemented in an existing OBC system. 

Infineon’s CIPOS Mini IPMs deliver higher efficiency in low-power motor drives 

Infineon Technologies AG offers the first high efficient
intelligent power modules (IPMs) to integrate CoolMOS MOSFETs
in the CIPOS Mini family
. Excelling in performance and reliability, the new IM51x
IPMs optimize power efficiency in compressors, pumps, or fans in home
appliances. When compared to conventional IGBT IPMs, CoolMOS CIPOS Mini IPMs is
said to offer significantly lower conducting and switching losses, which
reduces total power consumption.





The IM51x series includes integrated bootstrap diodes to
simplify PCB layout and are designed to drive motors up to 600 W, which makes
them well-suited for systems operating under light-load conditions. The IM51x
offers low on-resistance of 310 mΩ and a current rating of 10 A at 25°C, with a
breakdown voltage of 600 V. These IPMs are available in either full-bridge
(IM512) or 3-phase (IM513) inverter configurations. Features include a built-in
UL certified NTC thermistor for temperature monitoring, under-voltage lock-out
(UVLO), and over-current protection features (OCP). The CIPOS Mini CoolMOS
family is specified for a maximum operating junction temperature of up to
150°C, and features an isolation of up to 2,000 Vrms/min.

Semiconductor unveils ultra-high PSRR LDO
regulators for demanding applications

Semiconductor introduced a new range of ultra-low-noise LDO regulators: the NCP16x
Combined with the AEC-Q100 qualified NCV81x automotive variants, this package
delivers improved performance in automotive ADAS image sensor modules, portable
devices, and wireless applications including 802.11ad WiGig, Bluetooth, and
WLAN. Ultra-high PSRR of 98 decibels (dB) blocks unwanted power supply noise
from reaching sensitive analog circuits, while ultra-low-noise of 6.5
microvolts (uV) RMS eliminates the need for additional output capacitance.




support a variety of applications, the NCP16x series offers four models with a
wide input voltage range from 1.9 V to 5.5 V and an output current of 250 mA,
450 mA and 700 mA. The new LDO regulators feature a low dropout voltage of 80 mV,
which helps to extend the operating life of battery-powered products. They are
available in fixed output voltages from 1.2 V to 5.3 V with an accuracy of
+/-2% over the application range. Stable operation is achieved with only 1 µF
of capacitance on the input and output enabling lower system cost and size,
said the company. NCP16x devices are available in TSOP-5, XDFN-4, and WLCSP-4.
NCV816x automotive variants are available in TSOP-5 and XDFN-4 packages,
suitable for high-density designs.

Semiconductor’s SiC diodes target demanding automotive applications


new AEC-Q101
automotive grade SiC diodes
deliver the reliability and
ruggedness required in modern automotive applications by providing superior
switching performance and higher reliability compared to silicon devices. The
diodes have no reverse recovery current and switching performance is independent
of temperature. ON Semiconductor’s new SiC diodes are available as surface-mount
and through-hole packages including TO-247, D2PAK and DPAK. The FFSHx0120 1200V
Gen1 and FFSHx065 650V Gen2 devices offer zero reverse recovery, low forward
voltage, temperature independent current stability, extremely low leakage
current, high surge capacity, and a positive temperature coefficient. They deliver
improved efficiency while the faster recovery increases switching speeds, reducing
the size of magnetic components required, said the company.



These high-performance
diodes have been designed to withstand high surge currents and include a
unique, patented termination structure that improves reliability and enhances
stability. The operating temperature range is -55°C to +175°C.

Wolfspeed technology puts the pedal to the metal with 1200-V SiC MOSFET

Wolfspeed unveiled its third generation 1200V
SiC MOSFET high-voltage power conversion switching device
, bringing efficiency to the drivetrain while lowering system
costs and providing longer driving range. Wolfspeed’s new C3M 1200-V SiC MOSFET
technology is capable of handling high current with the industry’s lowest drain
source on resistance performance at 1200 V, with the lowest switching losses
giving it the highest figure of merit on the market today, according to the


Supports 900-V and 1200-V (C3M) SiC MOSFETs


driver output voltage = +15 V (max) / -3.3 V (min)


isolated power supply


creepage (9 mm) clearance


network allows user friendly optimization of gate signals




Wolfspeed’s newest generation 1200-V SiC MOSFETs will be in
full distribution later this year. 

unveils single fuse solution for applications that demand high current ratings
and a compact footprint


introduced a series of UL approved high-current,
surface-mount fuses

that are designed for applications that require both a compact footprint and
protection from ultra-high currents. The Nano2 881 Series high current SMD fuses
offer a single fuse solution up to 75 VDC, and are available in current ratings
from 60A to 100A. These high-current ratings eliminate the need to parallel
multiple lower-rated fuses or use larger, over-spec industrial-type fuses, while
including the first 100-A SMD fuse available on the market, said the company.


881 Series provides minimal voltage drop and low temperature rise, which
enhances power efficiency by optimizing thermal performance and minimizing
power loss. With an operating range from -55°C to 100°C, 881 Series fuses are
suitable for use in existing operating environments. Typical applications in
the data center market include blade servers, server chassis, backplane boards
and line cards. Additional applications in the power system market include
uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs), base-station power supplies, high-power
battery systems, and power factor correction (PFC) in high-wattage power





intros power film capacitors for high-power, high-frequency apps


new power
are suited for industrial, automotive and power supply designs for DC link, DC
filtering, and energy storage applications. The capacitors are housed in
rectangular, resin-filled enclosures and deliver an array of application
benefits including self-healing characteristics and low losses. High-ripple
current values, high capacitance density, and high contact reliability are
additional features of the new devices.





new RoHS-compliant capacitors have a polypropylene metallized film construction
and are available as two or four radial-leaded board mount devices. Available
values for the C4AQ series range from 1.0 µF to 130 µF, with additional
sampling for 170 µF and 210 µF. Voltage values span from 500 VDC to 1500 VDC.
Devices from the C4AF series are designed for use in more demanding and harsh
applications and are offered in capacitance values up to 62 µF with voltage
ratings up to 400 VAC. AEC-Q200 qualified devices within the C4AQ and C4AF
ranges address the requirements of the increasing amounts of electronic content
in automotive applications, where operating environments can be particularly
challenging from both an electrical and environmental standpoint.