Pentek - 2727A RF/IF Signal Recorder

• Digitizes up to four channels of analog RF/IF signals
at 500 MS/sec 
• Built-in digital down-conversion with programmable
• Real-time aggregate recording rates up to 4.0 GB/s
• SSD RAID storage capacity up to 30.7 TB using NTFS
• SystemFlow GUI control panel for fast, intuitive

UPPER SADDLE RIVER, NJ – Pentek, Inc., announced a new member of its popular family of Talon® RF/IF signal recording
and playback systems. The Model RTR 2727A rugged portable recorder targets
applications needing to record and reproduce high-bandwidth signals. A complete
PC workstation, the RTR 2727A provides high data capacity and aggregate
recording rates of up to 4.0 GB/s in a four-channel system.  

The RTR 2727A offers up to sixteen hot-swap solid state
drives (SSDs) with a combined capacity to 30.7 TB sustain hours of continuous
recording. The system features recording and playback of RF/IF signal
frequencies up to 700 MHz with signal bandwidths up to 200 MHz. Available
data converters include 500 MHz 12-bit A/Ds or 400 MHz 14-bit A/Ds and 800 MHz
16-bit D/As.  

At the heart of the RTR 2727A are Pentek Cobalt® Series
Virtex-6 software radio boards featuring A/D and D/A converters, DDCs (digital
downconverters), DUCs (digital upconverters), and complementary FPGA IP cores.
Optional GPS time and position stamping allows the user to record this critical
signal information.             

“The RTR 2727A offers nearly ten times the storage
capacity of its predecessor in a 25% smaller package. Its SSDs, highly
resistant to shock and vibration, and its optional DC power supply support
operational environments for aircraft, ships, and vehicles,” said Rodger
Hosking, vice- president of Pentek. “This portable instrument is ideal for
IF/RF signal recording and playback in radar, communications and other high
frequency applications.”  

Rugged Construction 
The RTR 2727A is housed in a rugged, lightweight chassis
measuring only 16.0” W x 6.9” D x 13.0” H and weighing less than 30 pounds.
This extremely portable workstation features 100% aluminum alloy construction,
reinforced with shock absorbing rubber corners and an impact-resistant
protective glass for the high resolution 17″ LCD monitor.  

The hot-swappable SSD array is available in
configurations from 1.9 TB to 30.7 TB and supports RAID levels 0, 1, 5, or 6. The SSDs
are meticulously qualified by Pentek for optimum use in rugged and portable

By using hot swappable solid-state drives, the recorders
exhibit high immunity to shock and vibration for ground vehicles, ships and

Available I/O includes VGA video, six USB 2.0 ports, two
USB 3.0 ports and dual Gigabit Ethernet connections.   

Ease of Operation 
All Talon RTR Portable Recorders are built on a Windows 7
Professional workstation with an Intel Core i7 processor and provide both a GUI
(graphical user interface) and API (Application Programmer’s Interface) to
control the system. Systems are fully supported with Pentek’s SystemFlow
software for system control and turn-key operation. The software provides a GUI
with point-and-click configuration management and storage of custom
configurations for single-click setup. The software also includes a virtual
oscilloscope and signal analyzer to monitor signals before, during and after
data collection.  

Available Options, Evaluation Package and Pricing
2727A offers an optional GPS receiver that allows users to time stamp
recordings as well as store GPS position information. Other options include an
18 to 36 VDC power supply and a removable operating system drive. Pentek’s
SystemFlow Simulator software package, available for download for free,
simulates the SystemFlow recording software, which is installed on all Talon
recording systems. The simulator allows users to operate the standard GUI and the
SystemFlow API. The free trial package is available for download here: 

Pentek has developed a video
providing more details on the Talon “A” series portable recorders.

For the latest pricing and availability information, please contact Mario
Schiavone by phone at (201) 818-5900 ext.229, or by email at