PcketPico Picoammeter
PocketPico™ picoammeter streamlines the measurement of very-low electrical current in electronics, materials and more. Compared to other picoammeters, it’s more efficient, more affordable, and small enough to fit in your pocket. It’s the kind of instrument that can save you time and headaches in the lab, and give you a distinct competitive advantage in the field.

The PocketPico employs SafeRanging, a continuous ranging feature that is superior to conventional auto-ranging technology. This enables accurate, real-time current measurement over several orders of magnitude, while eliminating induced noise and transient voltages. You’ll never again have to waste valuable time protecting your work from harmful voltage spikes caused by auto-ranging.

Features of PocketPico Picoammeter

  • Handheld, rugged & goes anywhere
  • Wide range (20pA – 2mA)
  • SafeRanging technology
  • Fast (15,000 samples/s max)
  • USB data & power
  • Includes lightweight PocketPico Reader application
  • Accepts SCPI subset commands/scripts
  • Open communication protocol

The PocketPico is the perfect ammeter for:

  • Component, sensor, device I-V and material characterization
  • Leakage current testing
  • Photodiode current & dark current measurement
  • Spectrometer and flurometer measurement
  • Insulation resistance measurement
  • Analog circuit testing & analysis
  • Nanomaterial testing
  • Neurotransmitter sensing
  • Teaching labs
  • Product demonstrations
  • Trade shows set-ups
  • Sales calls

Source: Ix Innovations (www.pocketpico.com)