Piezoelectric energy harvesting industry is growing rapidly compared to other methods of energy harvesting. Today, many countries are focusing on alternative energy harvesting, and Piezoelectricity is one of them. Piezoelectric roads and footpaths can generate large electricity based on pressure and vibration when motor vehicles and men use them.

Piezoelectric Roads & FootpathsPiezoelectric energy harvesting can be applied to high traffic sources such as city roads, highways, and footpaths. The Piezoelectric roads are embedded with piezoelectric sensors/crystals that produce electricity when squeezed, enabling them to harvest some of the energy which vehicles lose to the environment during their journeys.

Piezoelectric Road is expected to produce up to 400 kilowatts from a 1-kilometre stretch of dual carriageway and the technology is also applicable to airport runways and rail systems. In addition to being able to produce its own power which is enough to run eight electric cars. Piezoelectric energy harvesting roads system can also deliver real-time data on the weight, frequency and speed of passing vehicles as well as the spacing between vehicles.