The planar transformers introduced by Pulse Electronics are
part of the company’s initiative to bring down the cost of the previously
announced PH08xxNL series. The new PH08xxCNL series offers up to 160 W of power
within a 25 x 22 x 10-mm package size.


The new planar transformers replace the traditional multilayer PCB of the PA08xxNL
series with a flat helical coil while reducing the direct current resistance
(DCR) by 50%. And that leads to a 20% increase in power handling capability and
20% reduction in price.

PH08xxCNL series offers a further 20% price reduction by replacing the inserted
pins with a pinned header,” said Gerard Healy, product manager at Power
Business Unit of Pulse Electronics. The new PH08xxCNL series has a different pad layout from the earlier planar transformer series.

The new planar
transformers are available in T&R packaging with a starting price of
$2.99. Lead time is approximately eight weeks, and samples are available upon