Plastic packaged PIN diode control devices

A series of plastic packaged PIN diode control products has been launched by Microsemi. The devices are said to be cost effective and to provide higher RF functionality, enabling defence, aerospace and medical customers to drive down BOM costs with low risk and little sacrifice to performance.

According to the company, the devices combine lower cost surface mount packaging, fast switching and high continuous wave power handling capability, without sacrificing overall RF performance specifications.

The MPS4101-6LP is a single pole single throw PIN switch with a 3mm QFN-packaged series/shunt element claimed to offer wide-band, low-loss and high-isolation performance.

The MMP4400 is a series of five high-voltage, high-power PIN diode devices in plastic surface mount technology (SMT) packages. They are said to have high stability and reliability, as well as low thermal resistance, high shunt isolation and low distortion.

The GC4701-6LP are control devices with a SMT PIN limiter element, providing a processed PIN diode packaged in a plastic outline suitable for standard or co-planar microstrip circuits. They come in a 1.6mm QFN package and are said to offer low insertion loss, low threshold power and high isolation.

The MML4400 is a series of fast surface mount MRI protection diodes supposedly offering protection from high-RF energy fields and enabling passive switching of surface-coil detuning and blocking circuits. The devices provide an anti-parallel option (unconnected pairs) in addition to low capacitance and conductance.

Applications include test and measurement, MRI equipment, electronic warfare and radar.

Peggy Lee