Agilent Technologies introduced five new PNA Microwave Vector Network Analyzer models, up to 67 GHz. The new PNA Series is based on Agilent’s PNA-X architecture and is the world’s highest performing microwave network analyzer, setting a new price/performance standard in the industry. The Agilent PNA Microwave Network Analyzer is used to test a wide variety of passive and active devices such as filters, duplexers, amplifiers and frequency converters. The high-performance characteristics of the PNA Microwave Network Analyzer make it an ideal solution for these types of component characterizations as well as millimeter-wave, signal integrity and materials measurements.

PNA Microwave Vector Network AnalyzerThe PNA Series Microwave Network Analyzer provides high-power sources and the best linear receivers, giving it the most accurate S-parameter measurements with the widest power range in the market. This outstanding performance helps engineers increase yields with less guard band and provides the best data correlation between design verifications and production tests, making the new PNA Microwave Network Analyzer the most dependable tool in Microwave Network Testing and Analysis.

“Agilent is committed to offering the industry’s highest performing network analyzers to help our customers develop the highest quality components,” said Gregg Peters, vice president of Agilent’s Component Test Division. “The PNA’s performance levels help support our goal – and we are determined to set new milestones as we reinforce our leadership in network analysis.”

The PNA Series Microwave Network Analyzer now offers the majority of advanced measurement options currently available on the PNA-X Series and includes noise figure measurements, gain compression, two-tone IMD/spectrum analysis, true-mode stimulus, source phase control and fast CW mode. In the design and production of passive and active devices, these advanced applications improve accuracy and productivity for high-performance microwave component characterization and testing.

The PNA Microwave Network Analyzer family shares a common software platform making it easy to customize for just the right level of performance to meet specific budget and measurement needs. Software options can also be added later to meet future test requirements. The PNA is also compatible with Agilent’s Physical Layer Test System, materials measurement software and multiport test sets. Agilent’s PNA Series network analyzers (N522XA) are available now starting at $60,000.