Pocket Oscilloscope
Portable oscilloscopes are used in many field troubleshooting applications from electrical and electro-mechanical to electronic and industrial control systems. Fluke ScopeMeter, a combination DMM and digital storage oscilloscope, is a rugged, reliable scope for field service professionals. The Fluke ScopeMeter® Handheld Pocket Oscilloscopes are the instruments of choice for maintenance specialists who deal with industrial buses and networks as well as with general electronics. You can verify the electrical integrity of your bus and network, performing ‘physical layer tests’ and getting answers quickly and easily.

ScopeMeter® Handheld Pocket Oscilloscopes offer the full functionality of those instruments yet with the addition of powerful test capabilities for a wide variety of Industrial Bus systems. When in Bus health Test mode, these ScopeMeters automatically make an analysis of the electrical signals passing through the bus, and compare the parameters to standard values as described in the industry standards for that bus type. Alternatively, the user may select an ‘Eyepattern’ display to visually check the overall signal quality.

Parameters are automatically qualified as ‘good’, ‘weak’ or ‘bad’ based on a comparison to the appropriate industrial standards or to user set reference values. Each of the measured parameters is presented with momentary value and with statistical minimum and maximum values measured over time. The reference values used are also displayed, to give the user an easier grip on the systems behaviour. Tested parameters include signal amplitudes, bias voltage, rise- and fall-times, jitter, distortion and noise levels (in-band noise as well as out-of-band noise) depending on the requirements of the associated industry standard.

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