PolySwitch AEC-Q200 qualified resettable PPTC devices for automotive applications

Littelfuse has introduced three series of PolySwitch AEC-Q200 qualified resettable Polymeric Positive Temperature Coefficient (PPTC) devices.

These surface mount devices are designed for robust overcurrent protection in extremely harsh automotive environments but, unlike fuses, resettable PPTCs do not require replacement after a fault event. They are designed to allow the circuit to return to the normal operating condition after the power has been removed and/or the overcurrent condition is eliminated.

The largest of the new devices, the 2920-size ASMDC Series, has a lower profile compared to existing 2920 size ASMD series surface mount PPTCs, and no heavy metal terminals. It also offers the highest holding current and voltage rating of the three. The two smallest of these new devices, the 0603-size femtoASMD Series and the 0805-size picoASMD Series, are intended for applications in crowded automotive electronics boards.

Typical applications for the ASMDC, femtoASMD, and picoASMD Series Resettable PPTCs include automotive infotainment, communications (GPS navigation), network (CAN Bus, LIN bus), body electronics (door locks, lumbar pumps), security (keyless entry, rear-view camera), ADAS (advanced driver assistance system) and climate control systems.

The PolySwitch ASMDC, femtoASMD, and picoASMD Series of Resettable PPTCs are AEC-Q200 qualified, ISO/TS16949 certified devices and are capable of meeting the most stringent requirements when it comes to withstanding harsh automotive environments

Neil Tyler