Nuclear Power is a Key Element of Our Energy Mix. In order to meet the planet’s ever expanding need for affordable energy, a number of different types of clean, emission-free technologies must be developed and employed. Nuclear power, with its ability to provide robust, continuous, and reliable energy – regardless of weather conditions – must be part of this diverse mix. However, conventional large nuclear power plants, due to construction expense and the time required to build them, must be augmented with a smaller solution.

Small & Modular Nuclear Power Reactors (SMRs) – Micro Nuclear Reactors

Portable nuclear power generators or transportable nuclear power plants can be developed using Small Modular Nuclear Power Reactors (SMRs). SMRs provide the same benefits of larger nuclear power plants – clean, continuous, reliable energy with no greenhouse gas emissions – yet they require very little space in which to operate. Small & Modular Nuclear Power Reactors can be transported to sites and engaged without the transportation and construction costs of big nuclear power plants. Sealed and self-contained Small Modular Nuclear Power Reactors offer a safe energy solution for areas of the globe where nuclear proliferation is a concern. But unlike any other clean energy generation, SMRs can operate when the wind doesn’t blow and the sun doesn’t shine.

Hyperion Power Module (HPM) – Portable Nuclear Power Generator

Portable Nuclear Power Generator of Small & Modular Nuclear Power ReactorThe Hyperion Power Module (HPM) is an active member of the SMR industry–and is the leader in the SMR segment known as “Mini Power Reactors” or MPRs. The HPM is one of the smallest, safest, and simplest designs. Hyperion Power is deeply concerned about the state of the environment, and the search for energy independence – vital not just to the U.S., but to every nation on the planet. Hyperion Power believes that these concerns can be met through the safe deployment of SMRs and so is dedicated to realizing the full potential of our power module – the HPM. Clean, safe, affordable energy should be available to everyone – even in the most remote locations. It is suitable for industrial power requirements. The product characteristics are:

  • Electric Power Output – 25MW Electric Power
  • Coolant – Liquid Metal (Pb-Bi)
  • Fuel – Uranium Nitride (UN)
  • Fuel cladding – Stainless Steel
  • Enrichment – 19.75%
  • Refueling cycle – 10 years
  • Reactor size – 1.5m x 2.5m < 50 tons
  • Sealed core – Yes
  • Transportable – Yes