Portable wind charger is a device for charging batteries with wind power. Such devices provide a source of renewable energy for refilling rechargeable batteries, and come in a variety of designs and sizes. Very small, portable models can be used for gadgets, while larger models can provide a source of backup power to a home or business by charging batteries when the wind is blowing. Numerous companies make wind chargers, and people can also build their own from scratch.

Wind chargers harness the energy of the wind for electrical generation. The wind passes through blades. As the blades turn, they rotate a shaft, creating a miniature turbine. As energy is generated, it passes through batteries for storage.

A wind charger for gadgets can be small enough for people to carry around or mount on a bicycle to take advantage of wind currents generated as they move around. A personal wind power battery charger uses wind power to charge your phone, or camera, run a personal fan, or charge batteries or your GPS, while you are riding a bike, walking, camping, or any other outdoor activity. It is a personal wind powered turbine that comes in handy for charging small appliances to save electricity, or when there is no other energy source around, such as camping out in the woods or remote areas, where there is wind.

The more capable charger systems use batteries to store the power that is generated to power the appliances in a household, and is also known as a wind power system. Some of the gadget chargers are more of a limited power generator, that barely generates enough power, while the other wind chargers are able to supply enough power to start engines, run lights, refrigerators, pumps, TV’s and computers.