TE Connectivity (TE) launched its ELCON Micro power connectors in
an industry-standard footprint of 3.0 mm, enabling easy upgrades to existing
designs. The 3.0-mm PCB footprint is compatible with Molex’s Micro-Fit headers
and BellWether’s Micro-Hi headers.

Offering high current density, the new power connectors provide
12.5 A per pin, making them well suited for applications such as servers,
switches, storage devices, and testing machines. The connectors support two- to
24-pin configurations. The connectors provide a working voltage of 600 V and
support different currents with multiple combinations of different wire sizes
to offer greater design flexibility.

perform reliably in harsh environments thanks to their maximum operating temperature
of 105°C and halogen-free material, said TE.  Another key feature is the connector housing
design, which prevents mis-mating to make assembly much easier.